Top Places Around The World That You Must Visit While Sailing

Top Places Around The World That You Must Visit While Sailing

Sailing is fascinating. What makes it more fascinating is the destinations that you will be sailing to. As you plan for your holiday, these top destinations should not miss on your list. They are exquisite, peaceful, breathtaking, and heavenly.


The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is an exquisite place to sail. The breeze of the amazing waters and the plenty visible sea life just makes it a wonder, giving you a chance to learn at the same time. Sailing here gives you opportunities to air duct and dive.

The French Riviera

The romantic ambiance here is top notch, and one will be tempted not to sail anywhere else once you have tasted this place. The rocky inlets, fine beaches that sit close to the large cosmopolitan resorts and the unspoiled islands make this destination lovely.


This is a fantastic place located off the coast of Tanzania. An ideal location when you fancy history and ancient cultures. It has plenty of beaches too accompanied with the crystal ocean offering a place to dive all day. The evenings bring along the most breathtaking sunsets from the comfort your sailing boat too. You won’t miss something for you in this destination as a sailor.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Also known as the Venice of America, it boasts of thousands of resident yachts and hundreds of miles of waterways. This particular setting makes it cool for a host of sailors or boats as most things are accessible just by water. This is a must-see for every detailed sailor.


The coves, secluded beaches, cobbled streets, colorful houses and quaint villages that are spread in Spain makes it a super destination for any keen sailor. This offers a perfect and peaceful setting for great sailing. As if not enough, Spain has many undiscovered seaside locations and a lot of islands.

The British Virgin Islands

From the topnotch restaurants, super shopping places, the white sands and the luxuriant waterfront resorts this destination has it all. The temperatures here are at around 26 degrees Celsius all year round making the waters so comfortable. Above all, it offers great beaches; saltwater places too and great national parks.


Thailand is known for some of the most beautiful beaches around the world. As a sailor, you will experience love and fun. Sailing here comes with great party places; dancing places or just peaceful places to hang and chill out, work or unwind. All these are just in place as though waiting for you.


As compared to Zanzibar, Greece is one of the other places with the most romantic sunsets around the world. It boats of over 5000 beautiful islands too with each one being detailed unique from the other, bringing a fresh feeling at every stop.


It feels like lots of freedom to feel the wind and breeze blow in your hair as you cruise the seas, this is what sailing in some of these great destinations brings to your life. You unwind and loosen up at the end of the sail. Try it out; you won’t regret your time and expenses.